Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coleman Hawkins - a masterclass!

This is not a new video - it's been around since 1935. In fact, it's not even a new video for me personally, as I remember seeing it years ago when YouTube had just taken off.

However, for a jazz fan like me, it's wonderful to see footage of one of my long-gone heroes smiling and talking, even stumbling over his words a little. I recently bought the great new 2-CD set 'Cabaret Echoes' on the Archeophone label, which features snippets from interviews with New Orleans musicians like Kid Ory, Johnny De Droit and Abbie Brunies. Each time I hear their characterful voices, I'm reminded of the reality of their existence; they were real people, living full lives outside the grooves of the records I know and love.

Coleman Hawkins was a real person, and though there are many alive today who knew him or saw him live, it's so powerful for a youngster like me to be reminded of it.

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