Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Al Bowlly and Spats Langham

Here's 'Got a Date with an Angel', a beautiful old song with sweet lyrics and an interesting melody. Of course, it suits Al Bowlly perfectly. He knew just how to present a song in its best light, perhaps the rarest quality in a singer.

A year ago I was touring the east coast of Australia in a band featuring UK banjoist/guitarist Thomas 'Spats' Langham, who introduced this song to me. I looked forward to it every night. Spats sings in a manner that suggests Bowlly rather than imitates him, and he's certainly one of the most charismatic musicians with whom I've worked. I wish I had a recording of Spats singing this!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,Did you know there is a much better version of this by Al B with Ray Noble recorded early 30s with "hot alto" solo work by Freddy Gardner (who I assume you know all about already)
I was at Whitley Bay last summer and enjoyed your playing there hope to see you again over here.
So many of the recordings on your site are my favourites too,I will post my comments on each one,hope you find of interest.
Roger Offord-London

rhythmoftheday said...

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your comments! I am familiar with the other recording of this song by Ray and Al. I agree that one is better overall, but I like the tempo of this one - more sentimental!

Hope to see you at Whitley Bay (or elsewhere) sometime in the future!

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