Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Early Bud Freeman

Bud Freeman was much-maligned by his Austin High friends when he first began playing the saxophone, often labelled a 'Johnny One-Note' as he had a habit of finding one note that sounded bearable and playing it over and over. He does sound a little raw on his first recordings!

However, he quickly gained confidence and a more complete approach to his instrument - as this fantastic 1928 recording shows. The band (Bud Freeman & His Orchestra) plays with a style typical of the late 1920s Chicago groups. Bud Jacobson sounds like his idol Frank Teschemacher and Gene Krupa demonstrates how good a driving jazz drummer he was.

The composition itself relies on riffs and fleet-fingered saxophone runs, and in that has much in common with Freeman's other compositions (such as The Eel).

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