Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Earl Hines & His Orchestra - Blue Drag

I haven't devoted much listening time to the Earl Hines band of the early/mid 1930s, and I'm definitely enjoying addressing this oversight. There are several excellent players in the band, including one of my favourite reedmen, Omer Simeon.

Here's a great arrangement of Blue Drag - dancers in the 1930s must have enjoyed this rhythmic groove.


dogpossum said...

Brilliant dancing song! I've got a few other versions of Blue Drag, but I think this might suddenly be my favourite.

Anonymous said...

As always with Fatha Hines, this is great.

But have you found the new-upload 1 hr docu of Hines @


It's REALLY great - Hines is just wonderful in it.

Happy New Year!

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