Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Papa Charlie Jackson

A talented banjo player and singer from the 1920s-30s, Jackson has probably been neglected by just about everyone. I guess this is because jazz fans neglect him because he rarely worked with full bands, blues fans neglect him because he played the banjo instead of guitar, and ragtime fans tend to focus on pianists and orchestras.

Nevertheless, he is a solid performer, as these records show. Richly organic roots music!

Here's 'Drop that Sack', also recorded by Louis Armstrong's Hot Five (under the pseudonym 'Lill's Hot Shots'):

This record of 'I'm Alabama Bound' bears a striking similarity to Jelly Roll Morton's 'Don't You Leave Me Here' - songs like this have a way of popping up all over the place, no doubt adapted from a common pool of folk tunes and storytelling ideas:


jazzlives said...

The late John R.T.Davies was deeply devoted to the music of Papa Charlie.

rhythmoftheday said...

If he's good enough for John R.T.Davies, he's good enough for me!

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