Monday, May 23, 2011

Three versions of 'How'm I Doin'?'

The song 'How'm I Doin'?' enjoyed some popularity during the early 1930s. It's a fun call-and-response tune I first heard through the excellent Don Redman recording. However, in transcribing that record for my own band, I discovered several other excellent versions.

Here's what I guess is a post-Bing Crosby 'Rhythm Boys' version:

Next is a more urbane rendition from the Mills Brothers:

Finally we have a Betty Boop cartoon featuring Don Redman's band. Betty Boop cartoons regularly include great jazz soundtracks - even when there's no Don Redman, Cab Calloway or Louis Armstrong obviously featured, bands like the Mills Blue Rhythm Band can be heard playing accompaniment that is similar but different to their records.

'How'm I Doin'?' makes its entrance after Don Redman's opening theme tune, 'Chant of the Weed':

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