Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where in the world is Jimmie Noone?

In 1944, Jimmie Noone was filmed in a movie called Blockbusters. That same year he died, missing the full bloom of traditional jazz revivals that made George Lewis famous and Acker Bilk a household name.

I've searched all kinds of obscure corners of the internet, but I've been unable to uncover either a digital version of this film or a physical copy on DVD or video. I'm astounded this priceless footage of one of jazz's most important clarinettists isn't available.

If anyone reading this blog can pass on any information on Noone's appearance in this film, I would be very grateful. Of course, it may be that Noone only appears briefly, or that the footage is hardly worth watching, but I so dearly want to see this jazz hero play.

Here's an appropriate record from Noone's colleague King Oliver - I Must Have It:


dogpossum said...

I LOVE JIMMIE NOONE! I love him a lot. Surely you could find that film by using to get the useful references, then looking in the national film and sound archive here to see if they have a copy, then checking out then perhaps american sources?

You know Les Red Hot Reedwarmers, yes?

rhythmoftheday said...

Yes, they are a fantastic group! I met them in Europe in 2009.

I'll certainly follow those leads, thanks for the suggestions.

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