Friday, October 14, 2011

Albert Wynn's Gut Bucket Five in 1928

Here are two hot records by Chicago trombonist Albert Wynn's Gut Bucket Five in 1928, featuring the great New Orleans trumpeter Punch Miller.

Reedman Lester Boone is on clarinet and alto sax - he belongs to a group of largely forgotten hot sax players who played in a rough and ready but honest style. Listen to the Washboard Rhythm Kings or some of Louis Armstrong's early big band records for more of this infectious style of playing. It had a big impact on Australian reedmen like Ade Monsbourgh and Neville Stribling.

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"Jazz Lives" @ said...

Those two sides are also memorable as very early evidence of young Sidney Catlett -- they are the third and fourth sides he recorded, and his hot cymbals drive that band. PARKWAY STOMP is reasonably close to DARKTOWN STRUTTERS' BALL, I think. And the second side with that sweet, sad, yearning vocal reminds us once again that Black bands also played Sweet music expertly -- think of George Thomas and McKinney's Cotton Pickers, the yearning sounds of Joe Smith, the waltzes the King Oliver band offered the dancers who demanded them. Fine music -- and thanks for reminding us all, once again!

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