Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another great territory band

Here's some more territory band goodness from Lloyd Hunter's Serenaders, playing 'Sensational Mood', which was later 'acquired' and recorded by the Earl Hines band.

Interesting to see the record label lists the group as being 'under the direction of Victoria Spivey'. Full-time band vocalists were an oddity in the early twenties, but within a decade they were running the show!


Michael Steinman said...

The record books -- pun intended -- say this is Jo Jones' first recording session (1931); if that's so, a lot of very forward-looking, splashy cymbal work and near-violent tom tom patterns.

rhythmoftheday said...

Michael, you've probably picked up how much I enjoy these early 1930s big bands - they're overflowing with great arrangements, hot solos and enthusiasm, and the worst of the swing era cliches had yet to take hold.

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